The history of East Africa Baptist College actually goes back to 1999 when the Lord laid upon the heart of Pastor James Pridgen to start a Bible College for the purpose of training Pastors and Church Leaders.  At that time Pastor James and Mrs. Cheryl were living and ministering in the town of Mbarara.  Then after much prayer it was decided that the Lord wanted them to move to Kampala.

After arriving in Kampala they started Gospel Light Independent Baptist Church.  The Lord blessed the church and people were saved and baptized.  During this time Pastor James continued to pray for the Lord’s leading and guidance concerning the Bible College.

During the early years of the Church they had to rent several rooms at what is now New Castle High School.  In 2004 they started Gospel Light Baptist Institute in order to help train their church members. Then the Lord helped the church to get the current property where we are now located.  God’s provision was truly miraculous.  Many people sacrificially gave to the Lord and the current facilities were built.

Pastor James continued to pray about the Lord’s timing in starting the Bible College so that more people could be trained. He knew that he would need help and so he also prayed that God would provide the teachers for the college.  Then in August of 2007 the Lord answered his prayers and his desire to start a Bible College went from being a dream and a prayer to a reality. Gospel Light Baptist Institute was upgraded to EAST AFRICA BAPTIST COLLEGE.

The people of Gospel Light Independent Baptist Church have sacrificially given so that the college could be started.  God has also blessed and given us qualified teachers who can help to train our students.

It is our prayer that the Lord will continue to bless East Africa Baptist College and that it will continue to grow. Our graduates are already ministering in Uganda and in Rwanda. It is our prayer that our graduates will be starting churches not only throughout Uganda and Rwanda but  also in other countries as well.


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